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    Ambassador Water Factory is a private limited company and a sister company for Al-AKL Trading Plc. now legally registered by ministry of trade and industry of Ethiopia

    Until 2016 invest in spring water factory Al-AKL Trading Plc business wear import and export for more than 6 years. on September 2016 Ambassador water wear officially established with 30 million Ethiopian birr capital in a village known as tatek industry zone. The factory is built the right people fill all the important vacancy and have prepare a marketing strategy to join the market.

    Our Websites has several pages: Main Page, Latest News, Services, Products, Contact Us (note that contact us form – doesn’t work).

  • Latest News

    Ambassador Water
    Ambassador water factoy after Certified by Ethiopian Conformity Authority have passed the test and get the Certificate about its content in it.Not only the water the package (Bottle) is Exceptionally designed for Ambassador and do own a certificate from Ethiopian Intellectual Property Right Agency.

    The Bottle is Designed for dual purpose thee first one is for watching pressure and the second to make it convenient to hold the water it achieved both of its

  • Our Services

    2 Liter

    For the time being it is our largest package two liter still looks and feels great.

    1 Liter

    Another product line is one liter To create amazing feeling for eyes and to make your thirst disappear.

    0.6 Liter

    Even if it was suppose to be 0.5Lt for your satisfaction we made 0.6Lt with beautifully designed package

    25 Liter (JAR)

    Our Future Plan to Produce JAR, Currently We are Installing The Machine

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    Different size of Water Per your request will be delivered at your door step with a signle phone call will be recieved your order.


    Ambassador Water Factory is Fast Delivery Service with the best quality.We Deliver Our Products

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